There are two spots in Exmouth - the Sea Front and Duck Pond. The wind and tide conditions dictate which will be best at any particular time.


Live conditions


  • Weather station in the middle of the Exe Estuary - great live feed + history so you can see the trend
  • Exmouth Coastwatch - under-reads if the wind has any North in it so check the Exe one above too. Can be offline and showing old data at times so check the error at the top - if it’s showing red and “4 hours since last update”. Click on the dials to see a history.
  • XC Weather - broader overview of the wind (actual and forecast) over the UK.

Webcams - Seafront


In general

  • Duck Pond is better around High Tide
  • Sea Front is better around Low Tide
See the detailed Spot Guides for more information

Live wind conditions on the Duck Pond :

Chart by Windguru and weather station sponsered by EDGE Watersports