The main area is sheltered by a sandbank which provides fantastic flat water conditions at low tide.

Works best in S, SE and ESE as the wind comes in ‘clean’ off the sea. SW & W works but is gusty as the wind is coming over the hills.

The Channel just in front of the beach has a very strong tide and the area can get very busy in summer so it’s for experienced kiters only, unless you have boat support to get you out to the sandbank.

Stay out of the swimming areas when in use.

Kitesurfers must give way to all larger and less manoeuverable craft in and around the river and Navigation Channels and maintain an adequate clearence.


Exmouth Duckpond map
Swimming area in Maer Rocks Bay is for indication only - for exact area look for RNLI flags and keep well clear.

  • Head for the Exmouth Seafront and park in either Queens Drive Carpark or the roadside parking alongside Queens Drive. Head across the road to the semi-official launch spot. There may or may not be a sign there but just look out for other kiters - if it’s a kiteable day there is almost always someone out.
  • On very busy summer days you may have to park further out - head East towards the lifeboat station and the car park up Maer Road.

Best Conditions

    <li>Best in S, SE and ESE as the wind comes in 'clean' off the sea. SW works but is gusty as the wind is coming over the hills.</li>
    <li>Works at any state of the tide but best 2 hours before low tide for flat water and wind v tide. Higher states of tide can be ridden but tend to get very choppy.</li>
    <li>The tide in the channel runs very fast and can either help or hinder you. Wind v Tide can help in underpowered situations - will help you stay upwind and constant practicing of tricks without fighting back upwind.
        <li>Wind is between SE and S then 2 hours before Low Tide when tide is going out</li>
        <li>Wind is between SW and W then as tide is coming in after Low Tide.</li>
    <li>Waves can be found further out and behind the sandbank - especially good when the wind is from the East quadrant.</li>

<p>Check the <a href="/weather/">weather</a> page for resources.</p>
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