Exmouth, an Awesome Kitesurfing Location

The seaside town of Exmouth has some of the best water sports locations in the country in the form of the Duck Pond (the Exe estuary) and the Seafront with its golden sands, awesome views and fantastic tidal conditions.

The two locations allow kite and wind surfing in a huge variety of conditions and wind directions. Kitesurfing in Exmouth has become massively successful. On a perfect day, we have seen over 100 kites on the water!

Safety and awareness are central to Exmouth's long-term future as one of the UK's best kiteboarding locations.

Please read the spot guides and abide by the code of conduct, which has been developed in association with the Exe Estuary Management Partnership and British Kitesports and is based on common sense and co-operation.

3rd Party Insurance is strongly recomended at all sites so please consider joining British Kitesports and Exe-Kiteboarders for 3rd party insurance and a strong local and national voice with the authorities.