Join British Kitesports and Exe-Kiteboarders

  • Join Exe-Kiteboarders via the British Kitesports (old name BKSA) - this provide a local and national voice for our sport.
  • Associations and clubs carry a lot of clout at meetings with various authorities - they want to deal with well organised groups, not try and herd thousands of wild cats.
  • Exe-Kiteboarders have represented Kite sports with various authorities over the years and there have been times when there has been a very real prospect of bans and restrictions being introduced.
  • British Kitesports set the standard for instruction in this country and many places worldwide and ensure those standards are kept up with regular re-certification.
  • Membership of British Kitesports also provide insurance that is highly recommended wherever you go and is mandatory at some spots.

Join British Kitesports today

Please join "Exe-Kiteboarders" during the signup process as your local club.